Your Questions Answered

Q: Do you hire out horses for us to ride?
A: No, we simply provide accommodation for those wishing to bring their own horse.

Q: Do you supply horse feed?
A: We supply hay, haynets and feed buckets. We do not provide horse feed. We would expect you to bring this with you, but can buy it in for you if required, but you would be charged for the feed at cost price.

Q: Can my horse live out?
A: We only have a very small turn out paddock, so whilst we are happy for you to turn out for short periods e.g. when back from your ride, we would ask that the horses are stabled the rest of the time during our stay. In our experience if horses have been for a long ride, they only want food and a bed when they get back anyway (as might their owners!)

Q: Do you provide escorted hacks?
A: We do not normally provide an escort service, but would expect that you are able to navigate your own way around. However we are willing to help you plan your routes and will provide you with mapped routes which have already been tried and tested by previous guests.

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